Double Sided Tape Plaster

Double Sided Tape Plaster
Condition: Brand New
Phone: 0913-23-34-66

Double Sided Tape Plaster – Reusable, Removable, Washable. IVY Grip Tape comes with one solution for all such problem by presenting Double Sided Adhesive Silicon Tape which is transparent, strong adhesive, anti-slip.

#3_Meter_Length 600

#5_Meter_Length 800

Reusable convenience Ivy Grip Tape
High Quality
®️ ውፍራም ቲክነስ ያለው አንደኛው
ቆራርጠን መጠቀም የምንችለዉ
በ ሁለቱም ጎን አጣብቆ…

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