portable -wardrobes

portable -wardrobes portable -wardrobes
Condition: Brand New
Phone: 0976029328

Practical, durable and stylish  wardrobe  clothes rack ተገጣጣሚ የልብስ መደርደሪያ     ቁም ሳጥን
✔️ strong and reliable.The steel tube bracket serves as the wardrobe support Is a trustworthy wardrobe.Ideal for guest rooms, rented accommodation, university accommodation,…..

✔️Features a high strength powder coated steel frame with strengthened moulded plastic connectors – considerably stronger than most comparable models on the market.
✔️Easy to assemble in just 15 – 20 minutes, no need for tools!
✔️Assembled Size: W110 x D45 x H170cm/W130 x D45 x H170cm
  Material:Steel pipe & PP plastic & non-woven fabric
Colour:  square,  stripes ,brown, black, red brown ,blue,blue black ….
    ………….Big sale……..
2partition 💰price 3600
3partition 💰price 4600
contact us ,0976029328

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