Vape pen

Condition: Brand New
Phone: 0923109788


✅CES Clearomizer: 1.6ml of Ejuice
✅Battery: 1100mAh
✅Ejuice Capacity: 10ml juice

🔋When fully charged, the battrey powers over 800 puffs💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

🛑Ten seconds of continous use causes the button to cut-off.After a few seconds the device can used normally again.If the on your button (or illumination ring depending on your model)flashes ten to fifteen times while pressed,this may mean the battery needs to be charge.when plugging in the battery to charge,the button or ring will flash three times and the charger’s indicator light will turn red.when the indicator light turns green charging is complete.

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